What We Do

To advance our vision, we strengthen individuals, organizations, and networks to bring about transformative change.

We also co-create the conditions in the social change sector that are necessary to make this change possible. Specifically, we: 



Our Impact

Their work has saved many organizations from self-destruction and propelled hundreds to more effective performance. No other organization can match MAG’s record.
— Pablo Eisenberg, Past President, Center for Community Change
Demos is stronger—both internally and in its external impact—thanks to the work we undertook with MAG.
— Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy and Research, Demos
Pieces of the above photography are licensed under a CC Attribution 4.0 Generic License or CC Attribution-ShareAlike Generic License. They are attributed to Eugene Kim, Prathap Ramamurthy, Fabrizio Cornalba, and Charlotte Cooper. Other photo credits: Equally Blessed, Jobs With Justice, and the Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity (CAARE).