Creativity, Spirituality and Liberation: A personal reflection grown in communion with many souls

It was Jiddhu Krishnamurti who said, “It’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” With that context I am in fact profoundly well and I am certain I am not alone. And what does this painful state of wellness we find ourselves in have to do with creativity, spirituality and liberation? How do we tend to wellness enough to heal and transform society? What is re-weaving now?

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New Report: Linking Immigrant Communities to the Workforce Investment System

In 2016, Anne E. Casey Foundation engaged Management Assistance Group (MAG) to learn more about what factors prevent greater collaboration across workforce development and immigrant rights sectors and limit immigrants’ access to workforce development opportunities. This project would complement work already underway by the Aspen Institute, National Skills Coalition and National Immigration Law Center. MAG set out to understand this dynamic, guided by two core questions:

  • Where in the country are immigrants being best served by the workforce development system?
  • What conditions give rise to these bright spots and enable greater collaboration across immigration and workforce development sectors?
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