New Report: Linking Immigrant Communities to the Workforce Investment System

In 2016, Anne E. Casey Foundation engaged Management Assistance Group (MAG) to learn more about what factors prevent greater collaboration across workforce development and immigrant rights sectors and limit immigrants’ access to workforce development opportunities. This project would complement work already underway by the Aspen Institute, National Skills Coalition and National Immigration Law Center. MAG set out to understand this dynamic, guided by two core questions:

  • Where in the country are immigrants being best served by the workforce development system?
  • What conditions give rise to these bright spots and enable greater collaboration across immigration and workforce development sectors?
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A Statement of Values to Guide Philanthropic Collaboration

At MAG, we see the growing complexity of today’s problems as a call to collaborate and connect, and to do so in ever-more effective, equitable ways. In our work with change makers across sectors, we are committed to drawing upon the wisdom from the past, freeing our imaginations to experiment anew, and embracing the necessity of collaboration to fuel transformative change. Together, we’re seeing what’s possible when we connect across divides, overcome habits and practices that hold us back, and re-make strategies and systems together to ensure the well-being of all. Together, we’re aiming to embody the kind of thoughtful, ethical and equitable collaboration that can fundamentally remake our world into one of love, dignity and justice for all. 

As part of our efforts to support equitable, effective collaboration, MAG was pleased to come together with a group of peer organizations to develop seven core principles to guide philanthropic collaboration in particular. The act of coming together was also the act of applying these principles.

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