Raising and Distributing Money in Networks: Moving Through and beyond the prickly parts

Money is a flashpoint. It illuminates existing and historic inequities in our movements and communities.  It often sparks organizational anxiety about competition. It stirs personal feelings around money and class. Network conversations around funding are conversations about power. Yet, to have impact at scale, networks must both leverage existing resources and raise additional new resources. 

Many find ourselves asking: How can we build resources and use them to have impact (in the short and long run) without recreating the very inequities and power dynamics we are seeking to transform? 

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Complexity Theory 101 for Social Justice Leaders

The last decade has seen a significant shift towards a more complex environment. Policy change, especially at the federal and international levels, is very hard to achieve. There is greater understanding that progressive issues are interdependent and we can’t create change by fighting in issue silos. Today’s justice leaders feel this shift every day as the typical levers and buttons for creating change no longer work in many situations. 

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