Practicing the Elements of a Liberating Ecosystem

Through our work with nonprofit organizations, grantmakers, movement networks and other partners in the field, we have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with people deeply engaged in these efforts toward positive change. Through these partnerships, we are getting increasingly clear that both deep and wide-scale change is found in the interconnected practices that weave together a set of five elements.

Continuous and synchronous attention to these elements is foundational to being in “right relationship” with change—to advancing transformation toward love, dignity and justice.

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Creativity and cultivating intactness as ways forward through complexity

At MAG we believe that influencing complex systems requires embedding multiple ways of knowing, making space for inner work, and cultivating leaderful ecosystems. Below we share how art-based storytelling, the concept of “intactness,” and creative visualizations were integrated into the design of network gatherings in order to support connection and align cross movement leaders on conceptualizations of north stars.

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Creativity, Spirituality and Liberation: A personal reflection grown in communion with many souls

It was Jiddhu Krishnamurti who said, “It’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” With that context I am in fact profoundly well and I am certain I am not alone. And what does this painful state of wellness we find ourselves in have to do with creativity, spirituality and liberation? How do we tend to wellness enough to heal and transform society? What is re-weaving now?

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