Rajiv Khanna, Board Member

 Rajiv Khann is the Director of Learning and Evaluation at Thousand Currents (formerly IDEX). He is engaged in strategy development, assisting program staff in linking impact evaluation with ongoing program planning and improvement, and positioning Thousand Currents as a learning resource for grassroots development. He plays a leading role in organizing the IDEX Academy, a training course for philanthropists, and developing learning resources aimed at engaging and educating a new generation of culturally competent international development professionals. He is also building alliances with the Indian Diaspora community, IDEX’s Young Professionals Group, and serves Exponent Philanthropy and the Bay Area Justice Funders Network in various capacities. A native of Bombay, India, and a professionally trained historian of international relations, Rajiv has designed and taught college-level courses at universities across the U.S. and is experienced in leading community-centered oral history projects.