deep equity


More and more nonprofits, foundations, capacity-building consulting firms, and others are seeking to delve deeply into the implications of equity for their work both externally and internally. While racial equity is usually at the center of this inquiry, we also recognize the intersectional nature of race, gender, language, socioeconomics, sexual identity, ability, religion, and other dimensions of difference.

MAG facilitates in-depth diversity, equity, and inclusion change management processes. Through these partnerships, we support individuals, organizations and groups to develop shared understanding, deepened capacity, courage, and to chart pathways forward for equity in their institutional cultures, structures, programming, operations, and leadership (including governance).

We believe that advancing deep equity requires ongoing attention to hearts, minds, behaviors, and systems. This means working toward outcomes in ways that model love, dignity, and justice without re-creating harm in our structures, strategies, and working relationships.

MAG brings compassion, integrity and experience into its partnerships with groups seeking to deepen their equity capacity. We support groups to make much-needed structural and cultural changes (including building capacity for difficult conversations), and to emerge from them with stronger bonds and a deepened commitment to advancing equity and justice.

We can help you:

  • More deeply understand the meaning of diversity, equity, and inclusion for your work by individual roles, institution-wide, and across institutions
  • Develop consensus across the organization/group on vision and directions
  • Identify and address the most intractable (and un-discussable) issues in your system with compassion and rigor
  • Design and implement short- and long-range change strategies
  • Build the capacity to implement with depth and fidelity to equity and your mission


  • Comprehensive individual, organizational, and field equity assessments
  • Crafting and honing shared vision to deeply embed equity throughout an organization or group
  • Strategic change processes and actionable plans to address structural inequity
  • Advancing culture change and relational shifts to promote healthier organizational and group climates (including healing at individual, team, and organizational levels)
  • Training to deepen understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion; power; privilege; (conscious and unconscious) bias; and other areas
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Promoting inner work as core to deep equity 
  • Multi-year strategic frameworks to guide next steps
  • Implementation guidance and support
  • Building confidence, courage, resilience, and will for individual and collective equity
  • Gathering and sharing lessons that help build capacity for advancing equity and collective liberation