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Our clients and partners are focused on reaching the power and scale needed to create real change.  They tell us that to be successful we need to continue building high-functioning networks, organizations and leaders.  They hunger for better ways of working as individual leaders, within their organizations, and across organizations in broader movement and network spaces. 

Our clients and partners need your help.  We have two programs - entirely funded by our supporters - that help create greater impact in the social justice sector and organizational development field.

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Our MAG Lab is an ongoing program of dialogue, analysis, partnership, co-creation and active learning among people and organizations in the movement network ecosystem. Created to deepen our understanding and continuously improve practice, the Lab moves through cycles of action and reflection around themes and priorities defined by the participants.  

Through the Lab, we have shared case studies of network leaders and other publications detailing our emergent learnings - all of which can be found here.  

MAG's Karl Mathiasen Capacity Building Fund subsidizes social justice organizations that cannot otherwise afford MAG's consulting services and continues to honor MAG’s co-founder, Karl Mathiasen. Since the Fund’s inception, gifts from committed individuals have financed work with over 50 social justice organizations.

For example, we worked work with National People’s Action, a network of grassroots organizations from around the country that works to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda. Through a Karl Mathiasen Fund subsidy, MAG helped create, develop and train an internal management team that led the organization through a significant period of growth and increased impact.

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We have become an organization that is winning more by being really clear about our roles, expectations, strategic direction and how we are managed. So much so that our peers have asked us how we are achieving more without increasing our staff. And we tell them it was MAG.
— James Mumm, Staff Director, National People’s Action