Guiding Principles

Naming difficult and core issues leads to deeper change.

We uncover the roots of problems and work with clients to take direct or indirect action to address them. We foster a climate of partnership in which tough questions can be confronted, worked through, and resolved in ways that create lasting power.

Equity work is essential to achieving transformative change.

Deep equity work is the work towards liberation that requires addressing multiple systemic, structural, institutional and interpersonal causes of inequity (both historic and current) and recognize the social construction of identity, power, and privilege over time. These levels of work need to be integrated with inner work on the individual, organizational, and network levels to build awareness and skills and to heal trauma.

Building capacity to adapt in complex environments increases impact.

We understand that the future is unknown, unpredictable, and uncontrollable but you still need to make strategic choices to create and take advantage of opportunities.  We help build capacity to adapt to the larger context without getting stretched too thin.  We also help you to embrace the unique role that you play in relation to others in the movement who are equally critical to lasting social change.

Transformative consulting means a process uniquely tailored to you.

We work in close partnership with you to choose the models, processes, and ways of communicating that will create the best results. While our engagements may be short-term, we often partner with clients on a series of projects over many years. From start to finish, we adjust what we do to get you to where you want to be. No cookie cutter projects here.