Lab Co-Creators

Lab Participants

Top (left to right):   Erica Smiley,  Jobs with Justice ,   Virginia Kase,  Casa de Maryland , Cietta Kiandoli,  State Voices  (former participant), Jolon McNeil,  Louisiana Center for Children's Rights , Jenny Lam,  Chinese for Affirmative Action , Sarita Gupta*,  Jobs with Justice , Eveline Shen*,  Forward Together , Rea Carey*,   National Gay & Lesbian Taskforce  , Kierra Johnson*,    Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) , and   Vincent Pan*,  Chinese for Affirmative Action .      Bottom (left to right):  Phil Aroneau, , Gustavo Torres*,  Casa de Maryland , Dana Kaplan, (formerly of)   Louisiana Center for Children's Rights  ,   Moira Bowman,  Forward Together , and Mari Schimmer,  Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) .      Not pictured:   May Boeve, ,  Darlene Nipper,  National Gay & Lesbian Taskforce , and Tracy Sturdivant*, formerly of    State Voices  (former Lab Participant/Design Team Member).    *Design team members

Top (left to right): Erica Smiley, Jobs with JusticeVirginia Kase, Casa de Maryland, Cietta Kiandoli, State Voices (former participant), Jolon McNeil, Louisiana Center for Children's Rights, Jenny Lam, Chinese for Affirmative Action, Sarita Gupta*, Jobs with Justice, Eveline Shen*, Forward Together, Rea Carey*, National Gay & Lesbian Taskforce, Kierra Johnson*, Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE), and Vincent Pan*, Chinese for Affirmative Action.

Bottom (left to right): Phil Aroneau,, Gustavo Torres*, Casa de Maryland, Dana Kaplan, (formerly of) Louisiana Center for Children's RightsMoira Bowman, Forward Together, and Mari Schimmer, Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE).

Not pictured: May Boeve, 350.orgDarlene Nipper, National Gay & Lesbian Taskforce, and Tracy Sturdivant*, formerly of State Voices (former Lab Participant/Design Team Member).

*Design team members

Design Team

What this lab helps us do is to think about learning in a different way. The ability to be here with established network leaders and to cull all of that information from folks that have been doing this is an amazing opportunity that I can’t imagine getting anywhere else.
— Jolon McNeil, Former Schools First Project Director & Managing Director, Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana

To develop the Network Leadership Innovation Lab, MAG created a design team of seven highly effective executive directors from different movements who are already working in networked ways.

Together with MAG, and with input from a group of advisors, the design team has worked together to:

  • Articulate the goals and core principles of the Lab
  • Identify the critical issues or questions to address in the Lab
  • Answer design questions
  • Build a learning agenda
  • Identify and recruit the initial cohort of leaders for the program
  • Inform case story development
  • Consider ways to engage thought leaders and funders in the learning process.


MAG convened a group of advisors with expertise in a range of related fields, disciplines, and backgrounds to provide input into the design of the Network Leadership Innovation Lab. They introduced new conceptual frameworks; deepened connections between each other and key concepts; identified possible pitfalls and ways to mitigate them; helped disseminate what we learned to their networks and the broader field; and connected us to potential participants and funders.


Advisory Team

Kenneth Bailey, Design Studio for Social Innovation
Michael Bell, InPartnership

Liz Butler, Movement Strategy Center
L. David Brown, formerly of the Hauser Institute, Harvard University
Adrienne Maree Brown, Consultant
Cynthia Chavez, LeaderSpring
Catherine Fitzgerald, Coach
Allison Fine, Author and Speaker
Jennifer Garvey Berger, Cultivating Leadership
Michelle Gislason, Compasspoint
Kent Glenzer, Monterey Institute for International Studies
June Holley, Network Weaver
Taj James, Movement Strategy Center
Keith Johnston, Cultivating Leadership
Stacy Kono, Rockwood Leadership Institute
Jidan Koon, Movement Strategy Center


Frances Kunreuther, Building Movement Project
Barbara Masters, Consultant
Stephanie McAuliffe, formerly Packard Foundation
Linda Nguyen, Alliance for Children and Families, former MAG Board Member
Gita Gulati Partee, OpenSource Leadership
Heather Peeler, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Sheryl Petty, Consultant
john powell, Kirwan Institute and University of California, Berkley
Claire Reinelt, Leadership Learning Community
Gibrán Rivera, Interaction Institute for Social Change
Shira Saperstein, The Moriah Fund, former MAG Board Member
Geno Schnell, Schnell Management Consulting
Mikaela Seligman, Independent Sector
Marissa Tirona, Compasspoint
Jodie Tonita, Social Transformation Project
Jane Wei-Skillern, University of California, Berkley and Stanford University