leaderful change

We develop the staff, board, and network leadership our movements need to make progress on the issues they care about.  

We partner with boards to understand how they can add value, what composition they need, and what roles they can play. Many of our clients are discovering that board practices and roles are influenced by working in networked spaces. For instance, long-range strategic decisions that previously only fell to boards are now often shaped iteratively by staff and allies as a part of creating aligned network strategies.

An expanding spectrum of leadership is essential in today’s organizations and networks. To make progress on today's most intractable issues, the leadership of all those who care that resources and power are shared in ways that enable everyone the opportunity to realize their potential and live life fully needs to be engaged. We work with organizations and networks to ensure that leadership is developed and supported at multiple levels to support agility and operating with greater capacity in the day-to-day and in the long run. With expanded leadership capacity it is easier to weather leadership transitions and to work in more externally networked ways. We also work to develop and strengthen senior teams , who play a key role in ensuring the culture, processes and strategy in organizations and networks are aligned.


  • Coach leaders and leadership teams
  • Develop leadership teams and senior teams
  • Expand and share leadership across all staff
  • Manage leadership transitions
  • Facilitate learning on network leadership
MAG helped NYEC to focus on the issues that we needed to address collectively [as a board]. MAG helped us to tease out what the key points were and to identify plans for next steps easily. It felt like we were partners.
— Mala Thakur, National Youth Employment Coalition

In Our Client's Words

Photo: Jobs With Justice

Photo: Jobs With Justice

Over the last couple of years, MAG has been a critical partner in helping the leadership team at Jobs With Justice implement the vision, excitement, and opportunities of our recent merger. 

MAG helped us to prioritize internal work to develop a shared vision and understanding of our new purpose, assess and re-structure ourselves internally, build a strong leadership team, and gain clarity on opportunities and challenges of the various movement spaces we operate in...Mark has helped me to introduce complexity theory to my management team so that we can restructure how we are organized internally, how we make decisions as a leadership body in this context, and how this influences our strategic approaches to fulfill our mission...

Through our work with MAG, we quickly realized that we needed a position dedicated to the internal team building and coordination of our staff. MAG provided support to me in developing this position, sharpening this role vis-a-vis other roles within the organization, and supported the on-boarding of this staff member.

- Sarita Gupta, Executive Director, Jobs With Justice



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