Learning labs

Network Weaver Learning Lab

Launched in 2017, the Network Weaver Learning Lab is an 18-month program that creates a space for leaders to develop their thinking and practice and to explore and experiment together on ways to advance the movement to end relationship-based violence.  

Created through a partnership between Management Assistance Group and CompassPoint—and generously funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation—the Lab is an advance space that builds on the work of the Strong Field Project Leadership Development Program and its alumni.

For more about the Network Weaver Learning Lab, read here

Network Leadership Innovation Lab

This first iteration of MAG Labs was the Network Leadership Innovation Lab—a two-year program that began in 2012.

Sixteen social justice leaders from eight organizations got together to learn with and from each other about common challenges and promising practices of working at the nexus of movement networks and organizations.

It was a program of dialogue, analysis, partnership, co-creation and active learning among funders, capacity-builders, and other thinkers and doers. 

The group has produced a wealth of intriguing questions and insights—and identified some promising practices. Some of our emergent learning is shared in our publications and in the Network Leadership Innovation Lab's evaluation