NONPROFIT Consulting services

Photo by South Bend Voice / CC BY-SA

Photo by South Bend Voice / CC BY-SA

We create consulting engagements to support social justice leaders, nonprofit organizations, and/or networks to: 

Manage Transition & Change

  • Take your organization or network to the next level of impact
  • Transition your leadership or change board, staff, or network leadership roles
  • Grow, innovate, become less siloed, or shift your culture
  • Address issues of power, privilege, diversity, and inter-group dynamics

Develop & Adapt Strategy

  • Understand and claim your most powerful contribution to the movement
  • Align board, staff, network members, and/or funders around shared values and purpose
  • Create processes, structures, mindsets, and culture that will let you adapt your strategy over time

Restructure Organizations & Manage People

  • Restructure roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines and develop staff teams or adaptive task groups
  • Enhance your culture and align your structure and processes with your values
  • Improve management and supervision

Develop Leaders & Boards

  • Share leadership more broadly, strengthen leadership teams, or develop a high-performing board
  • Receive leadership coaching 
  • Make leadership or peer coaching available to your staff

Strengthen Networks & Movements

  • Develop a movement network or develop, assess, or refine the network's strategy
  • Facilitate network convenings, support committees, strengthen relationships, and engage members
  • Develop the mindset, skills, and habits of effective network leaders operating at the intersection of network and organization

Partner for Philanthropic Impact