Partner for Philanthropic Impact

We work with foundations to increase their impact in partnership with their grantees as well as other allies in the field to bring about love and dignity. We ground our work in authentic and deep relationships.

We specialize in convening and facilitating conversations to foster learning in the philanthropic sector. Through in-person meetings, phone and online dialogue, surveys, and original research we bring diverse or unfamiliar parties together, including funders, grantees, academicians, and partners.  Our philanthropic partners utilize these conversations to better understand opportunities within a movement or field, to design grantmaking and capacity building strategies, and to learn about the impact of their investments. 


  • Conduct field or movement scans
  • Design capacity building approaches for foundations
  • Develop and manage customized capacity building programs for grantees
  • Support collaboration with other funders, particularly groups of funders working on intersectional issues across movements and issue areas
  • Catalyze funder learning and action in movement networks
  • Design and facilitate multi-stakeholder convenings
  • Conduct research projects to explore issues of interest to a funder or funder network
  • Facilitate development of the grantmaking theory of change and strategy
In this annual board meeting, MAG was very adept at getting differing opinions out on the table and ensuring that they be considered in non-threatening ways. So the process was not only constructive, but amicable.
— Ruth Hennig, The John Merck Fund