Restructure Organizations & Manage People

We help you foster the human dynamics needed to drive results.  

Very few of us came to this work because we wanted to run organizations or manage lots of people. So when growth or new opportunities demand different ways of working, it's sometimes not clear what to do. At other times internal conflict related to "micromanagement," organizational silos, lack of accountability, or supervision gets in the way of performance. We support organizations to rethink effective structures, clarify roles and responsibilities, define or re-invent decision-making processes, build the skills of managers, and create inclusive environments that maximize the contributions of each member. In this way, organizations align their social justice values and their internal systems, processes, and practices.

Increasingly, as our clients work in more networked ways, they are realizing that this challenges internal structures and management systems. Staff often find themselves juggling organizational roles and deliverables with contributes to network impact. Traditional work planning breaks down as supervisors seek alignment and focus in the face of rapid change. 

We work with all of our clients to create a culture of adaptation so structures can be built that are as tight or loose as the circumstances require – and so they can be changed with greater ease.

MAG helped senior managers put some sensitive and complicated issues on the table in a safe way so that we could solve them and work together better as a team…Thanks to MAG, we were able to get to the real work – improvement – far more quickly.
— Ericka Miller, Education Trust


  • Develop leadership teams, senior teams, and cross-functioning teams across departments or within a department
  • Restructure organizations including rethinking positions, roles, and responsibilities
  • Develop agreement around organizational values
  • Align structures, processes, and practices with organizational values
  • Educate and coach managers, leaders, and teams on supervision and management
  • Clarify the relationship between your organization and the networks you support
  • Support networks in developing and organizing leadership teams or committees

In Our Client's Words

Photo: Demos

Photo: Demos

Demos is stronger—both internally and in its external impact—thanks to the work we undertook with MAG.

Through a year-long intensive strategic planning process, Demos was able to sharpen our mission and our strategic approach. We honed in on our key strengths, and shed efforts that were stretching our staff and blurring our mission. Along the way were a lot of hard decisions, but throughout it all, MAG was there to provide principled and insightful guidance. 

As part of our work with MAG, Demos completely restructured ourselves internally, allowing us to break down silos and unleash creativity across the organization. We also created a new shared executive leadership model, which has greatly improved decision-making and accountability.

As a result of all the work we did with MAG, we’ve achieved—and sustained--strong alignment among the staff about our purpose and approach, which has also translated into a compelling and more coherent profile of the organization among our many partners and funders. As we enter into our 15th year, Demos now has an incredibly strong leadership team, talented and dedicated staff and diverse funding base—all of which has increased our effectiveness as we work to create a democracy where everyone has an equal say and an economy where everyone has an equal chance.

Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy and Research, Demos



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